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Tough Easy to Use Hand Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapping Tough Easy to Use Hand Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapping


Tough Easy to Use Hand Stretch Film for Pallet Wrapping

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Product Features:

  1. Excellent strength and excellent elasticity: Made of high-quality polyethylene material, this hand stretch film has excellent tear resistance and elasticity, ensuring your cargo packaging is strong and reliable.

  2. High Transparency: Our hand stretch film is designed for high transparency, allowing contents to be easily identified while enhancing the overall aesthetics of the packaging.

  3. Environmentally friendly materials: We are committed to environmental sustainability, and our hand stretch film is made of recyclable materials to minimize the impact on the environment.

  4. Comprehensive protection: This hand stretch film has excellent waterproof and dustproof capabilities to protect your goods from external damage during storage and transportation.

  5. Strong adhesion: Unique self-adhesive design, stretch film layers are tightly adhered to each other without additional adhesive, simplifying the packaging process.

Use suggestions:

  1. Uniform Stretch Technology: Maintains consistent stretching force during application of hand stretch film to ensure stretch film integrity and optimal stability.

  2. Enhanced Edge Coverage: Ensure that the edge of stretch film completely covers the edge of the cargo to improve overall stability and protection.

  3. Overlap wrapping method: It is recommended that each layer of stretch film overlap by about 1/3 to 1/2 to enhance strength and protection.

  4. Tension control: maintain appropriate tension to avoid excessive tightness or looseness to prevent damage to packaged items or tearing of stretch film.

Hand Stretch Film Application:

  1. Logistics and warehousing: This hand stretch film is very suitable for pallet packaging of various goods, ensuring the safety of products during transportation and warehousing.

  2. Commercial retail packaging: Suitable for packaging in the retail industry. The use of hand stretch film can provide additional protection for goods and make them easy to handle.

  3. Industrial production applications: Used in manufacturing to secure and protect semi-finished or finished products, providing additional safety assurance.

  4. Household use: It is very suitable for family moving. It can effectively prevent items from being broken due to collision during the moving process. It can also be used to organize daily items and store seasonal items, prevent dust from falling, and avoid items from becoming moldy due to weather changes.

Factory advantages:

  1. Advanced production equipment: Using cutting-edge production technology and equipment to ensure high-quality products and efficient output.

  2. Experienced team: Our professional technical and management teams continue to innovate to ensure that our products remain industry-leading.

  3. Strict quality control: Every stage from raw materials to finished products undergoes meticulous quality inspection to ensure excellent product quality.

Customized services:

  1. Multiple Size Options: Offers a range of thickness and width customization options to meet different customer needs.

  2. Personalized printing customization: Provide personalized printing services such as company logos and warning texts according to customer requirements.

  3. Various material choices: A variety of materials are available to meet different usage environments and requirements.

Customization process:

  1. In-depth demand communication: discuss in detail with customers to understand specific requirements such as size, thickness, printing, etc.

  2. Professional plan formulation: Design customized plans based on customer needs and price them reasonably.

  3. Sample Confirmation Process: Before starting mass production, samples are made and provided for customer approval.

  4. Precision production process: Efficient mass production begins after order confirmation.

  5. Comprehensive Quality Testing: Thorough quality inspections are conducted after production to ensure the high standards of each product.

  6. Reliable logistics and distribution: Ensure that products are delivered to customers safely and timely through reputable logistics channels.


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